Show Stopping Tableside Service at Martin’s Restaurant

Show Stopping Tableside Service at Martin’s Restaurant

Flames of fire shoot up into the air and the sweet smell of banana fills the air. Dinner and a show? Almost. But it’s actually the creation of one of the tableside desserts offered at Martin’s Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. At Martin’s, we aim to make each dining experience unique and believe our tableside service items are guaranteed to add an extra pizzazz to any meal.

Start your meal off with that “wow” factor when you order our Caesar Salad. A large bowl is wheeled over on a cart so you can watch your salad be assembled right before your eyes. First the dressing is made from scratch using fresh ingredients including garlic, anchovies, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. There’s lots of stirring so all the flavors marinate together before the leafy romaine lettuce and crispy croutons are tossed in. Everything is mixed together and the salad is served on your plate – with your desired amount of grated parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Talk about a fresh tossed salad!

Although it’s amusing to watch the Caesar Salad, the real tableside showstoppers are the desserts. There are three choices of tableside treats to choose from including Creme Brulee, Cherry Jubilee and Banana Foster. The Creme Brulee is served to you in a dish with a thin layer of crystallized sugar on top. A small propane torch is brought out to the table and your dessert is ignited right in front of your eyes! You can watch in amazement as the layer of sugar magically transforms into a brittle layer of caramel.

Watching the Banana Foster being made is like watching a piece of artwork come to life. A cart is rolled out with a pan and all the ingredients for this delicious dessert. The show begins as all the flavored liquors are combined in swift, precise movements. It’s mesmerizing watching the preparation of the banana. With one clean slice, the skin of the banana is cut and a fork is then used to flip back the peel. The banana is quickly sliced and added to the concoction. But the best part of the whole show is the pan is ignited and flames go soaring into the air! Then the Banana Foster is poured over creamy vanilla ice cream and placed in front of you to enjoy. Our Cherry Jubilee is prepared in a similar fashion with ingredients combined in a pan, flames flying and served over creamy vanilla ice cream.

We highly recommend you stop by Martin’s Restaurant in the lobby of Long Bay Resort and order one of our tableside service menu items. Every dinner at Martin’s should begin or end with a little extra flair!

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