Martin’s Restaurant Top 5 Unique Dishes

Martin’s Restaurant Top 5 Unique Dishes

With so many restaurants to choose from around the Grand Strand, deciding where to dine is a tough decision. But if you’re looking for a restaurant that stands out while offering a little bit of everything, stop by Martin’s Restaurant in the lobby of The Long Bay Resort. Martin’s is known for classic tableside service and European cuisine that’s tough to beat. We offer a menu that features a wide variety of entrees including steak, chicken, seafood and veal – with some items that are rare in Myrtle Beach. As Martin would say, here are some unique dishes created ‘specially for you’.

  1. Wienerschnitzel
    A dish that originates in Austria, Wienerschnitzel is a distinct dish that is rare around Myrtle Beach. And we’re known for serving up the ‘Best in 1000 miles!’ We can prepare this breaded veal cutlet in three different cooking styles: Holstein, Yager or Milanese. The Holstein Style is prepared with a sunny side up egg and anchovies, Yager Style is marinated in a mushroom sauce and Milanese Style is made using homemade marinara sauce. No matter what cooking style you order, all three are served with pan-fried potatoes and red cabbage.
  2. Frog Legs
    This seasonal dish is a favorite of both vacationers and locals alike. They are so popular, we even have people call up to the restaurant asking if we’re serving them that evening. There are two types of frog legs available – one is served as an appetizer while the other is an entree. As an appetizer, the frog legs are dipped in flour and eggs, and then lightly sauteed with white wine, garlic, parsley, and butter. For the entree – Frog Legs Provencale – they’re cooked differently as they are dipped in flour and sauteed in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes, white wine, and parsley served with rice.
  3. Veal Piccata & Scampi
    This dish combines one of our favorite seafood dishes, Shrimp Scampi, with a French delicacy. The shrimp scampi is made with jumbo shrimp that is sauteed in olive oil, garlic wine, and butter which is then combined with veal that has been sauteed with lemon butter. This delicious combination is then served with angel hair pasta.
  4. Escargot Crostini
    If there’s one unique dish that you won’t find just anywhere in Myrtle Beach – especially done right – is escargot. Found in the appetizer section, these snails may be small but they offer some big, tasty flavors. We sautee the snails in wine and herbs and serve them over fresh crostini with mixed greens and balsamic vinegar. The crunch of the crostini pairs nicely with the soft texture of the snail. While appetizers are meant for sharing, this is one shared plate you might want to keep all to yourself!
  5. Banana Foster
    If you have a sweet tooth, the perfect way to end the meal is with dessert! And why settle for any dessert when you can order one that is cooked right at your own table. Tableside service is rare, especially in Myrtle Beach, so make sure to order one of our tableside desserts – like Banana Foster – to take advantage of dinner and a show. You’ll be amazed at the knife skills and the unique way the banana is peeled before the ingredients are mixed and flames fly. Talk about a sweet way to end dinner!

One bite of Wienerschnitzel will have your taste buds traveling straight to Austria or take a trip to France with our Escargot Crostini. No matter what you order – our unique dishes full of authentic flavor will have you forgetting you’re dining in Myrtle Beach.

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